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Diggle Ranges Round 3- 2016

The Pennine Challenge.

“The deluge at Diggle”

The Pennine Challenge was one of our wettest ever League Matches; the poor, sodden FTR guys must have felt like they were in the GBFCA sub-aqua section.

Low pressure fronts struggled to climb up over the Pennine hills and consequently dumped all their rain on Diggle for much of Saturday morning, it was frankly horrible, the only consolation being that the shooters who performed well in those conditions can take a lot of pride in knowing that they can cope with anything.


You would expect the locals to be accustomed to such foul weather, yet it was the Southerners who showed the Northerners a thing or two about shooting in the rain – both FTR and FO winners were from the far south; Simon Gambling and David Kent, congratulations to the pair of them.

We had an excellent turn-out for the match – all 72 spaces were snapped up in 72 hours, anybody who left it late was disappointed. In fact, every League match this year has filled up fast and most of them have been over-subscribed, it looks like being a bumper year.

F Class Website - News May 03, 2016

South African Competition 2017

Southern International Challenge 2017.
South Africa. 23rd March - 1st April 2017

Please allow me to invite you and your teams and other shooters to this event to be held late March 2017.

This will be held in conjunction with the South African National Championships as well as the Australia Match (TR).

It is an excellent opportunity to finalise your 2017 FCWC preparations and it is a relative inexpensive trip due to our currency.

Please let me know if anybody is interested in attending and if you are bringing teams across (4 shooter teams are fine).

The program is available on - www.sabisley.com

Looking forward to see you all.

Mias Nieuwoudt
Chairperson - F Class South Africa.
SA Bisley Union Exco Member - International Relations
Mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Mobile:  +27 828088877

F Class Website - News May 03, 2016

Blair Atholl. Rd 2. The Scottish Championships

Robert and Elena – the big winners at Blair...

Blair Atholl lived up to its fierce reputation as being one of the toughest ranges in the world, but Robert Thomson and Elena Davis prevailed over all to come out on top as the new Scottish Champions.

Blair Atholl certainly gave everyone a tough time of it – the wind was not very strong all weekend, but there were frequent, fast changes of deceptive strength.
It was those changes that caught everyone out – well, everyone except Robert and Elena.

The second League match of the 2016 season got off to a good start with all except one space being taken, as it happens that space was filled, but more on that later.
FTR dominated again with 30 shooters vs the FO with 18, showing that FTR is enjoying steady growth while FO seems to be languishing somewhat.

F Class Website - News March 31, 2016

Membership Renewal

Membership Renewal
Members are reminded that your subscriptions are due before the season starts, renewals can now be done online, so there’s no excuse. Members will note the annual subscription has been raised to £25.00 to help cover the additional costs of e-commerce.

To renew your GBFCA membership please click here to download a Membership Form or pay online here with our PayPal shop.

Annual membership is £25.00 per annum, running from January to December every year.

F Class Website - News March 22, 2016

Diggle Short Range - Round 1 2016

“No Change at Short Range”

The 2016 National League got off to a very good start at Diggle with the Short Range Championships, we had a full entry of 80 shooters and several more on the waiting list. It seemed like people were keen to be back on the range after the long winter.
In a double first for the GBFCA the two winners of the 2015 match retained their titles; Ian Chenery and Robert Thomson both held on to their trophies for another year, it looks like they are earning a reputation as 600yd specialists.

(Left to right) Stuart Anselm, Adam Bagnall, Ian Chenery, Robert Thomson, James Finn, Robert Mace.

winners-24The weather was a lot better than we’ve had in previous years at this time of year; it was bright and dry, on Saturday we had a Northerly fishtailing wind, while on Sunday it had even out somewhat and had abated in strength. It was challenging enough to quickly sort out those who had fine-tuned their rifles, from those who had neglected their load development.

F Class Website - News December 11, 2015

GB F CLASS TRAINING WEEKEND - 26/28 February 2016

Want to get into F Class shooting !

This is a great weekend for everyone to learn F Class shooting at Bisley. Hosted by world class shooters so, its a course not to be missed.

Click here to download the GBFCA information and booking form


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GBFCA Membership

To renew your GBFCA membership please click here to download a Membership Form or pay online here with our PayPal shop.

Annual membership is £25.00 per annum, running from January to December every year.


Tim Stewart

Vince Bottomley Interviews 2012 European F/TR Champion Tim Stewart.


Russel Simmonds

Interview with 2008 F/TR Class League winner Russel Simmonds.


Adam Bagnall

Interview with 2010 F/TR Class League winner Adam Bagnall  


GB F Class News

GB F CLASS TRAINING WEEKEND. 26th & 27th February 2016

To explain and demonstrate  F Open and F/TR to new and inexperienced members.To increase the general Knowledge of inexperienced members and those interested in participating in Competitive F Class..

Outline Course

To have 4 concurrent activities run over 2 ½ days days, to include range and class room work at Bisley.   The 2014 course has changed to allow for more range work, So Please bring plenty of Ammo.


Top shooters rifle builds.

Listed here are the top F Class shooters from Europe. Check out who uses what actions, stocks, scopes, barrels, brass, powder, bullets and calibres. Also see which gunsmiths build the rifles for these top shooters....



F Class shooters are advised of the NEW 2014 rules. Please download and read at your leisure.

Click on the titles to download PDF’s

2014 F Class Rule Book
2014 FCWC Match Conditions
2014 ICFRA Memo on rule changes


Official GB F Class Shooting Records for both F Open & F/TR

Now that we have settled on the Palma type target with the half MOA V bull, I thought it might be a good idea to establish some GB F Class records before we get too far down the road and scores are lost in time.  Also, the Americans are keen on records and it might be interesting to see how we compare.

The categories would be distances of 800, 900 and 1000 yards.  We would have to have separate records for 15 and 20 shots to count.  Only records set in official GB League comps. would count of course.  We can include records for the Open Class and F/TR.


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